Books aspiring pool players have to read

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Reading books can be a very good way to learn more about the game. But keep one thing in mind: Reading books alone won’t make you a better player. For every hour you read, you should practice 10, 20 or even a few 100 hours. That said, here’s my list of recommended reads:

Pleasures of Small Motions: Mastering the Mental Game of Pocket Billiards
Play Your Best Pool
Play Your Best Straight Pool
Play Your Best 9 & 10-Ball
Play Your Best Eight Ball
Playing Pool - The Missing Manual: 20 things that every pool player should know
A Mind for Pool: How to Master the Mental Game
Pool Billiard Workout: Start, for Beginners to Advanced Beginners (PAT-System Workout)
Pool Billiard Workout: For Beginners to Intermediate Players (PAT-System Workout)
PAT - Pool Billiard Workout (PAT-System Workout)
PAT - Pool Billiard Workout (PAT-System Workout)

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