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Finally, after a loooooong time we have a new Let’s play… pool! I played issue #5 last weekend. As always 9-ball in a race to 7 against the ghost.

As in every Let’s play… pool! I played 9-Ball against The Ghost. Meaning, I break the balls, have ball in hand after the break and have to run out the balls in one go. If I do, I score one point, if I don’t, the ghost scores. Whoever gets to 7 first wins the match. There’s a specialty with this Let’s play: I racked the balls higher than usual, with the 9-ball on the foot spot instead of the 1-ball, as they play it in Matchroom events like the Mosconi Cup or in Eurotour events. Usually less balls go down and the layouts are more difficult, too. So the game is more difficult than usual with the 1-ball on the foot spot. Ok, so let’s see how I did…

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