This trick will immediately help you win more games in 9-ball and 10-ball

This trick will immediately help you win more games in 9-ball and 10-ball

There are improvements to your game that will immediately help you without actually practicing something. “Quick wins” they call it in business. There’s a great quick win for 9-ball and 10-ball:

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100% offensive

Recently, I played in our 10-ball weekly tournament against a player who I didn’t know before. When he was warming up, I noticed that he had a decent technique. We played short sets, so my first thought was: Watch out, he looks dangerous. But quickly after we started playing I relaxed when I saw: He went for every shot. Bank shots, long shots down the rail, long thin cuts, crazy positions – he tried everything and of course missed shots. I just had to wait for my chances and run out. I got at least two chances each rack.

Run out or play save

The opposite applies to one of our regulars: He always plays safe or runs out. It’s very hard to get to the table against him, and you’re a lot under pressure if you do .

If you watch pros playing you’ll recognize: They either run out or play a safety. And if they’re trying something crazy, with a low chance of success, they’re doing it because there’s no better option. Don’t get me wrong: Sometimes you have to try a difficult, offensive shot. Especially on a high level, where everybody plays kind of tight and tries to keep control over the match. But most of us are not professionals. And most of us are trying too many shots and are over-confident about our chances to make a certain shot.

Better decisions = better results

You don’t need a better technique to play more safeties right now. Sure, you can practice safeties, it will definitely help you. But the most important change takes place in your mind. It’s about making better decisions.

You didn’t get shape and now the layout is more difficult than expected? Play a safe, force your opponent to make a foul and get back to the table. This is better than missing the hard shot and letting your opponent run out on you. It’s not about playing everything perfectly and not making mistakes any more. It’s about knowing your percentages and, as a result, playing more safeties. I guarantee you: Play more safeties in 9-ball and 10-ball and you will immediately win more games.

Thinking about defeat

Thinking about defeat

Normally, every mental coach would advise against imagining defeat before a match. After all, it is about preparing mentally for the victory through positive affirmations. And we know already that by imagining what we want, we allow it to happen. And our brain doesn’t understand a negative. So we must always think of winning. (more…)

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