Dieser Beitrag ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar.

In this very informative and well-produced video, Ralph Eckert presents the different variations of the standard break in 14.1 / Straight Pool. That’s good stuff and you should practice it hard. What you also need to train is the ability to see the kiss shot tangent correctly on these balls. It took me a while. It’s best to do it like Ralph did in the video, to put the cue ball close to the object ball first and to look closely in which direction the ball goes. In the real match you can’t do that, so it takes some practice to judge the line correctly.

Unfortunately, the video below is in German. There’s another video on Youtube of a match between Thorsten Hohmann and Charlie Wiliams where Ralph was the commentator and where he explains the gist of the video below in English.

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