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If you’re into video games, you might know so-called “Let’s Plays”. They’re the newest latest on Youtube and other platforms. In a Let’s Play, the youtuber plays a video game, records what’s happening on his screen and comments simultaneously what he’s doing. Or just talks about something else. It’s a simple concept and extremely successful with the kids.

I don’t expect to attract millions of fans on Youtube, but the success of the concept gave me the idea of trying the same thing with pool. I call it “Let’s play… pool!”.

In my first video I played 9-ball against “The Ghost”. The rules are simple: You break the balls and get ball in hand after the break. Then you try to run out the rack. If you manage to do that, you win the rack. If you don’t, the ghost wins. You play a complete match against the ghost, in this case I played a race to 7.

I recorded the match and afterwards did a voice-over commentary where I explain what I’m doing, why I play certain shots the way I do, what I could have done better and where I completely messed up…

Ok, so without any further ado, here’s my first “Let’s play… pool!”

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